Aquaponics Training Courses.

Upcoming training courses.
At Practical Aquaponics we regularly deliver four and five day “Master Classes” as well as one day “Discover Aquaponics” seminars.
Aquaponics training classes have been held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Alice Springs and Yandina in Australia.

Aquaponics in Morocco

Classes in Morocco. Building a simple system from IBC containers.

We have also delivered very successful trainings in San Jose, Pescadero and Oceanside in California, Denver Colorado, Saint Helens Oregon, Orlando Florida (x2), Spring Texas, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Morocco and India.
In July this year we will be travelling to Pecs Hungary and Lisbon Portugal then back to Saint Helens in Oregon USA to teach four day Master Classes.
Go here to see the current list of courses and seminars, Master Classes and One day Discover Aquaponics.

Inside this website,

Wicking Beds, a free short course of 4 videos on wicking beds.  How to build and how to operate a wicking bed.

Tech Talk. Free video answers to questions sent in by email. These answers to questions are delivered in video format. You can see and benefit from the video Q & A.
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12 thoughts on “Aquaponics Training Courses.

  1. Hello Murray I live up in the central Queensland coast line near Rockhampton,someone put me onto aquaponics a couple of years ago and I brought your DVDs and loved it spewing I haven’t done anything about it,I have 100 acres with nothing on it not that i need that much space to start my own aquaponics farm,but I can’t find any time and dates of training courses in Brisbane or closer,if you could send me some information on this it would be much appreciated,and well done to a great way of farming fish and vegetables with little water usage.looking forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi Wolf,
    WE will soon announce a date for a Sydney Master Class in Aquaponics. It will be in early September.
    Around mid July we will be announcing an on-line course. That may suit you better.

    Keep an eye on our website for announcement.


  3. Hello, Murray, I start my first lesson today in Free Training Classes it was Greet, Thank you For your helping me

  4. Hi Murray , I live in Alstonville ( northern NSW ) and have two tunnel houses (30 x 12 m ) sitting vacant . When is your next master class in Brisbane / Sydney that I can attend .

  5. Hi Murray, I use polenta to control snails and slugs. Place in a jar on its side to keep it dry and it attracts slugs and snails. They cannot digest it and it expands and ferments inside them killing them. I use muesli, sugar and plaster of Paris to kill rats and mice. Death by gut blockage and constipation. Place it in a jar on its side.
    I add polenta to the muesli mix to control rats, mice, slugs and snails. These diy methods are wildlife safe, they do not cause secondary poisoning. They work quickly and are placed in my grow beds to monitor any pest activity. Might be a a good topic for you to consider. Cheers Jim

  6. Hi Murray, 1 packet of muesli, 1 cup of sugar, and 2 cups plaster of Paris. Mix and place in jars, lay them on their side. Keep out of reach of pets and wildlife. The jar can be placed in a pvc tube to keep away from pets. Also kills rabbits. Throw it down the rabbit hole and place small sticks across the hole. When the sticks are not being pushed away the mix has worked. Then throw a bucket of water down the hole to deactivate the plaster of Paris. I use small sticks to test if a hole is occupied. I have tested the mix on rabbits and found it effective. Cheers Jim