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Cotton Wool Disease – What is it and how to treat.
So, you want to have a commercial farm.
Murray in Puerto Rico. Miracle Fruit, Miranda Tree.
Timers in Aquaponics.
Should I add a swirl filter.


Wicking Beds: A free 4 part video course.
What is a wicking bed.
How to build and commission a wicking bed.

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5 thoughts on “Free Members Area

  1. Hi Murray,
    Greetings from Kenya! Thankyou for the video course on wicking beds.
    I look forward to setting up my first one soon. Please advice on how to prepare good quality compost material, in a space constrained backyard.
    Many thanks,

  2. The wicking bed course was great. Have tried wicking beds before and found they needed daily water during hot weather. Was unimpressed and gave up on wicking beds. I used gravel in the sump and the course explained that gravel does not wick or absorb water. It is dry on top unless covered. My faith is restored and gravel will be replaced with coir fibre. Looking forward to my new wicking beds. Thank you.

  3. Hi Jim, I am very happy that you are back into wicking beds. Yes, vermiculite is my preferred material. Coir is good too although it breaks down in time.


  4. Hi Murray,
    A friend of mine has wicking beds that perform very well. He uses scoria in the resevoir. I tested scoria by dipping one end in water. It absorbed the water quickly and changed from dry to dark and wet all over. Scoria is a lot cheaper than vermiculite. Have others used it successfully? Thanks, Jim