Wicking Bed – Build your own. Free download instructions.

Wicking Beds.

A wonderful addition to any Aquaponic System…Or as a stand-alone project.

What is a Wicking Bed?

The wicking bed system is a very efficient way of growing plants in which water wicks up through the soil mix from a lower level water reservoir. A wicking bed is in essence a garden bed built over a water reservoir.

The water is deposited directly into the water reservoir by a pipe from the surface and is then distributed throughout the reservoir area by a slotted pipe running the length of the bed.

This very attractive Wicking Bed can be built at your place.

This very attractive Wicking Bed can be built at your place.

A wicking Bed can be built from recycled containers of any size depending on your individual needs.
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11 thoughts on “Wicking Bed – Build your own. Free download instructions.

  1. Hi Felex, I can’t do that for you. Just click on the item you want to register for and follow the prompts. Let me know if you have any further difficulty and I will do my best to help.

  2. I bought your whole program a few years ago, and have not been able to use it until recently, when I purchased appropriate land. I can not seem to access anything on your site. HELP!

  3. I have been trying to use your website but it continues to not allow me. If I put my email in, it tells me that I am already registered. If I go straight to “I am already a member”, it tells me that my email is NOT registered. So far, I have never been able to use it. It is very frustrating.

  4. Hi Cindy, If you purchased access to our gold members area that would have been on our other site http://www.practicalaquaponics.com
    This site is new and has been set up to test the training course delivery sofware built into the system. We are using the short wicking bed course as a free giveaway to test the workings of the system. I have been over to http://www.practicalaquaponics.com and searched your email address. You are a member there since “Wed Jan 25th, 2012 @ precisely 4:27 pm” and you have only logged in two times since then.
    Perhaps you could go over to there and log in again, take a look through.

  5. I especially like the ‘hands on’ approach, where we get to observe the actual operations, in progress! Even a hard-headed old ‘Okie can get it… …

  6. Thanks for the info. I’ve been designing and building these same type of wicking beds for over 25 years in S. TX. Mine look very similar to yours, but my reservoirs were constructed differently.

    The whole bottom area was a reservoir, covered by a 10 mm pc. of Coroplast. At certain intervals a wick made from Polyester passes thru the top into the media. This way you will never smell foul odors coming from the fill tube.

    Other wick systems, made from re-cycled livestock supplement feed containers, ranging from 15- 25 gals. These are especially nice since the top portion of the sidewall has 8 additional vertical planting holes. So for each container you can grow 8 plants thru the sidewall and anywhere from 1-12 plants in the top 20-22″ dia. top.

    Of course I also make a “Pipe-Olla” system made from a 4″ PVC pipe, and wicks that can water a 4’x8′ raised bed, with a Mini float valve inside one end to keep the water level at a constant level 24/7/365 days, hooked to a supply line fed by gravity.

    Of course, Pictures are available, but there isn’t a way to post them here.

  7. That is fantastic Terry. Love to see some photos but as you say there is no provision for that in this comments system. Colin Austin invented the concept about 35 years ago and it has spread world wide. Having said that, there are countless folk still discovering how wonderful the whole concept is for growing your own.