Master Classes.

Aquaponics training courses.

Our June Master Class is open for bookings.
There are spaces still open for the event.

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Aquaponics MASTER Class – Future Farms . Future Food Systems –

8 – 11 June 2015 Brisbane Australia.
2 – 5, July 2015, Pecs, Hungary.
7 – 12, July, Melides, Portugal
18 – 22 July, Saint Helens, Oregon USA

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Students who attended our March 2015 course in Brisbane Australia say,

 1. Thank you for the warm hearted feel to the course with thorough information and time to go through the information. Samuel T.

2. I’m so satisfied with the amount of information I picked up during the course. Money well spent – Daniel V.

3. Very Interactive learning environment and the atmosphere is quite relax because the way Murray is teaching. With his broad experience and for each student, it just make this course worth every penny you have spent – Yutao W.

4. At the beginning I thought you just learn and then start your own business.  Now I know it’s more than I thought about farmer to farmer, community, marketing eg.  I have learn a lot. – Phuoc T. (Peter)

 5. Before deciding to do the course it was a 50/50 calc on what value I would get that I couldn’t get off the DVDs, books, YouTube.  Have to say now it is worth 150% of the value for anyone considering Aquaponics. – Frank L.

 6. Good value for money. I recommend this course if you are keen about learning Aquaponics – David C.

 7. This course is a lot more hands-on than my Aquaculture Cert IV course. – Chad M.

 8. Really enjoyed the course and am happy to see passion towards such an innovative industry! Will tell others to attend. (Anon)

9. For the instruction, I believe that this is the future of our food supply. Teaching by experience is very valuable experience. – Frederic C.

10. The course is very good – Andrew C.

11. Open discussion time was fantastic, the diverse group had a lot of useful info as well as the course in general. Murray was very knowledgeable, realistic and approachable. – Bernadette S.

12. Course was well balanced and covered all the areas I was looking for.  Thanks for the yummy food Mrs Hallam. – Alesana V.

13. A very informative Course I look forward to putting into motion the knowledge I have gained, into a well-structured, successful Aquaponics food production business. – Adam H.

14. Having attended this course I now feel I am equipped with the knowledge and tools to successfully start a commercial Aquaponic farm. – Sean E.

15. Became aware of aquaponics while working for a religious organisation and later built a couple of gravel bed systems with Tilapia for a Bible college in Mexico. I’ve since designed a few more systems for barns, basement and even my own living room.  I am now hoping to make a living through aquaponics. – Joshua A.

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