Wicking Bed Course: How-to Build Wicking Beds.

Wicking bed short course. CLICK HERE to register.

This FREE four part course on Wicking Beds is available for immediate access.  Just follow the link and register then enjoy the course at your leisure.

This is a wicking Bed layout drawing.

This is a wicking Bed layout drawing.

Wicking beds are a wonderful way to grow anything but in the context of Aquaponics, wicking beds are used to grow those in-ground crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions and the like.

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43 thoughts on “Wicking Bed Course: How-to Build Wicking Beds.

  1. Hi Kurt,
    You need to register to see the course. After that you need to log in every time you come back to this website, using the username and password you created for yourself when you first registered.

  2. I was having some trouble with the website. I found that if I went away to do something and remained logged in, when I cam back the lessons were not visible. The only thing available to me was the registration page.
    I have found that if I log out and back in the lesson page is there for me to click on and move ahead with the lesson.

    I love the way Murray presents, very relaxed but very informative.

  3. Thanks for that comment Graham.
    Some folk are reporting the exact same thing.
    Logging out, then logging back in is the cure for sure.

  4. Great course. Very informative and answered a lot of questions. I had a few more, though:

    Would there be any advantage to integrating this system into an AP system? Possibly in lieu of the traditional media bed in a hybrid system; does this bed provide biofiltration similar to a traditional media bed?

  5. Hi Devlin,
    No, it cannot provide biofiltration. Build as a stand alone as per the videos. I think you should perhaps view the videos again to see how a wicking bed is made and used. Revision is good, second time around things missed the first time will be picked up.

  6. Thank you, Murray Hallam, for making this excellent short course available free-of-charge. I’m not really the gardening type, but this looks perfect for a person like me who still wants to grow my own organic food. Thanks for making it so simple and informative. I also really appreciated the build demonstration. I feel like you answered all my questions and I’m so excited to build my first (hopefully of many) wicking bed.

  7. Hi Eldon,
    Looking at your registration you have not completed any part of the course. Have you answered the questions at the end of the first video? They must be answered before you can proceed to the second video.


  8. Just wanted to say a huge thank-you Murray! We just love your easy-to-understand style of presenting and very much appreciate this excellent information for free. Wicking beds are so perfectly simple and yet astoundingly amazing. They will be the perfect addition to our school aquaponics system for growing root crops.

    Thanks, from Amanda and the Envirogroup students

  9. Thanks for allowing me to take this course . It gave me some good information .I like Murray’s style of presentation . I liked having the short modules. When I thought I missed something I just restarted the video.

  10. Hi Eldon,
    I have just reset your lessons to the beginning of the second video to help you get past the questions at the end of the first video.

  11. Hi Murray,

    This is great information. I am building new extension of the greenhouse to add the wicking beds and check it out. Unfortunately Vermiculite here is awfully expensive, so I’ll see what I can do. Maybe a mix of compost, gravel, vermiculite and clay balls.
    Again thank you for the video, it is great support for building my owns, make it work and share it with my people.
    Big thumbs up from New Caledonia

  12. Thanks Frederic,
    Good feedback The mixture you mention will work. You don’t really need the clay balls unless you have some already and you want to use them up.

  13. That’s great Greg,
    Glad you gained a benefit from doing the course. Your comment about the short modules is good feedback. We will kep them short in the courses we are working on now.

  14. I can not access the course either. I am registered, yet no matter what I try, I just can not open it. Please help. Thanks…

  15. HI,
    I have changed your password so I can log in as you to see just what the problem is. I have identified the problem and implemented a fix. All should be well now. I will send you an email with the new password. After initial log in please go to your profile page, the link is on the login area, and re-enter a password that is to your liking.
    Thanks for alerting me to the problem.

  16. Thank you soooo much for providing this course!! I have been wanting to build a wicking bed for some time. I watched the module 1 unit 1 video and I’m convinced this is the way it needs to be done. However, I’m only able to access the one video. I would like to watch the other courses. Is there any way that is possible. Thank you again, You’re the best. Nancy Walsworth

  17. Hi Nancy,
    Did you answer the questions, the little test at the end of the first video. The system will not allow you to proceed if you do not answer the questions. You can go back in and below the video you will see a couple of questions about the content of the video that need to be answered.

  18. Hi Murray, thanks for sending me the password, but it did not help. I can not get in to view the course. It keeps on going around in circles. No matter what I click, I eventually end up with the page showing the Wicking Bed, which asks me to register. When I select existing account, I am asked for user name and a password. Then a red message tells me, I am already registered to this level…. Most frustrating! Am I doing something wrong? Would love to see the course as I am about to build my own Wicking Beds. Please help.
    Thanks Ladislav

  19. Hi Ladislav,
    Sorry you are having this difficulty.
    It works fine for me in testing and we have people every day completing the training. I get an email when each student completes the course.
    I have tested again and it is working from my end.
    I will create a temporary membership for you, test it and send to you via your email the username and password. I will leave the temporary membership open for one week to give you some time to complete.

  20. Hi Murray wicking bed short course very good, the information can assist me in making a wicking bed . The course has given me more confidence, so can get the plans for the pine wicking bed ,so I will need some more wood work skills on using wood, so I will get some help when I start a wicking bed asap . I would like the plans to build, one of those grow bed and raft system as a all in one, and also I think you should do the making of it in a new DVD Murray keep up the good work by for now from Andrew c.

  21. Hi Murray,
    Thanks for putting this together. When I go into the dashboard area, I’m seeing this notice:

    For WP Courseware unit URLs to work correctly, please ensure your permalinks use just /%postname%/.
    You can update the permalink settings to use just Post Name on the Permalink Settings page.

    Perhaps if you change the permalink settings, it might help people who are having trouble accessing the course. (which I have experienced as well)

    Feel free to contact me directly if you need a little help with working out the kinks in your new training site.

  22. Hi Paul,
    I have not seen that message.
    I am away this weekend in Lightning Ridge running AP seminars and have very limited internet access. I will see what I can do on Monday when I am back in Brisbane. If I can’t figure it out I will take you up on your offer. I will appreciate some assistance in that area.


  23. aquaponics method is like 100s of years old..ancient chinese did it to grow rice and the fish ,also aztec civilization did it …..on big floating islands.

  24. So true, but long before the Chinese it is believed that the hanging gardens of Babylon were actually a form of Aquaponics. Don’t forget the gardening methods of the Aztecs.

  25. I was unable to fill out the answers to the questions they were not visable

    I was unable to access the last 3 units

  26. Hi I’m very interesting in aquaponic for use in backyard, I appreciate the help you can give me

  27. If I have a wicking bed built inside of a greenhouse but included a drain plug and then saturated the compost with water and drained that water. Then add that water to my brand-new aquaponics system. Would it help to progress the cycling of a start up system.